Elevate Your Kitchen Design with Exotic Granite Countertop Varieties

Granite countertops are elegant and sophisticated, and they look amazing in your kitchen, bathroom, and even your outdoor entertaining and living spaces. Part of granite’s unique appeal is that it is so highly variable; no two pieces are exactly identical. Granite is a popular choice for countertops due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. And while every granite slab is unique, some types of granite have especially distinctive looks.

Known as exotic granite, these unusual granite types come from small quarries all over the world. While the vast majority (90 percent) of all countertop granite comes from Brazil, exotic granite varieties can originate from various countries such as India, Italy, Norway, Madagascar, and more. These exotic granites offer an extraordinary range of colors, patterns, and textures that are not commonly found in traditional granite varieties.

Exotic granite countertops can feature vibrant and eye-catching hues, including deep blues, striking greens, fiery reds, and even intense golds. The intricate patterns and veining found in exotic granite slabs can be truly mesmerizing, ranging from delicate swirls and waves to bold and dramatic movements. Some exotic granites may showcase unique mineral formations, creating a visually captivating display of nature’s artistry.

Exotic Granite Varieties

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Here are just a few of the types of exotic granite that we carry here at Bellezza.


Aphrodite granite is a gorgeous blue-green granite with mottled patches of flashy gold that are reminiscent of the semi-precious stone labradorite. Unlike a semi-precious stone, however, this is a true granite that is just as durable as any other granite countertop,

Black Savannah

Black Savannah granite is a highly dramatic stone. Its wide, sweeping bands of warm brown, deep black, and rich cream tones are accented by variegated stripes of tawny gold. Black Savannah granite is perfect as a dramatic centerpiece because it truly stands out.

Blue Pearl

Blue pearl granite features deep shades of blue and gray. Tiny flecks of mica provide a shimmering, pearlescent look to the material, reminiscent of a night sky dotted with stars or the reflection of distant lights on water.


Beautifully mottled Kalahari granite has a wide range of colors and lots of dramatic veining and motion. It ranges from light green to various shades of gray and blue on a light, creamy background.


Lapidus granite’s gorgeous coloration comes from mineral oxidation. During the stone’s formation process, water penetration oxidizes the iron oxide in the granite. This is what gives lapidus granite its deep, vibrant gold and red tones.


Volcano granite is rich and dramatic. The golden veins on the mottled black-and-white background create high visual contrast, while a high mica concentration in this stone makes it shimmer and shine.

No matter where you use it, exotic granite adds a touch of luxury and individuality to any setting. Its ability to serve as a focal point or complement other design elements makes it a versatile choice for various interior and exterior applications. And while they might look different than traditional granite, exotic granite countertops maintain the same durability and functionality as their more conventional counterparts. If you’d like to know more about how exotic granite can improve the look of your home, give Bellezza Surfaces a call today at (210) 650-3233.


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