Get to Know Our Countertop Stone Types

For most families, the kitchen is the most important room in their house. Almost everything happens there—cooking, eating, bonding, entertaining, to name a few. The kitchen is the focus of the home for many people, and if their kitchen looks nice, they feel good about their entire home.

Since the kitchen is the main focus of the home and the countertop is the main focus of the kitchen, that makes the countertop ultra-important. Luckily, at Bellezza, that’s something we understand very well.

Installing your perfect countertop is about finding a countertop stone type that speaks to you on a deep level. Any of the materials that we offer could bring your kitchen to life in the best way, so let us go into detail so you can get to know them.


Porcelain is an engineered stone that can be used for many different applications. It has a striking, bold look and impressive durability, so if you want something that will stand the test of time and look good while doing it, porcelain is for you.

This stone is heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it sustaining damage if it comes into contact with hot pots and pans. It’s also very easy to take care of! It doesn’t need sealant and all you need to clean it with is soap and water.


Granite is a natural stone that is known for its heat resistance, scratch resistance, and unique colorations.

Since granite is a natural, porous stone, it needs to be sealed regularly in order to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you had it installed. But the great news is that, besides sealant, granite doesn’t ask for much more in the way of upkeep and maintenance.


Marble is a natural stone that’s known for its striking beauty and classic looks. Using natural light, it can brighten up any room with its stunning aesthetics and unique veining patterns.

Marble is heat resistant, but remember to exercise caution around this stone, since it’s not quite as durable as granite. It does not like acids, as they can cause marble to etch, and you should be careful about scratching your marble too.


Much like porcelain, quartz is an engineered stone. It also has a very low degree of required maintenance and never needs to be sealed, but one area where it does differ from porcelain is the fact that it’s not always tough on heat.

Quartz has resins in its composition, and resins are a type of plastic—that means that you should be cautious with hot pots and pans and always use a hot pad to prevent scorching or thermal shock.

This stone comes in many uniform patterns that look great in any style of kitchen. It’s scratch resistant and very unlikely to crack, which is a great asset for many kitchens.


Quartzite, not to be confused with quartz, is a natural stone material that is known for being durable and tough. It’s a natural stone that must be sealed periodically in order to maintain its integrity, but it’s a very simple routine that can keep this stone looking good for generations.

Quartzite has the durability level of granite but the aesthetics of marble, which is something that many people are fond of. It is very unlikely to stain, scratch, or chip due to how dense it is, and its unique colorations can bring life to any kitchen.

Exotic Stones

Exotic stones are known for their striking patterns and amazing looks. They are natural stones, but the exotic nature occurs when the process goes a bit differently than normal, which results in an especially distinct stone. Exotic stones will not exist again within a certain period—so you’ll have the only stone that exists with that aesthetic in the entire world.

Choosing Your Countertop

At Bellezza, we have many amazing countertops stone types to choose from. To learn more about our selection, get in touch with us today.


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