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Which Styles of Sink Look Good with Stone Countertops in the Bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, which means you should put extra care into it while doing a remodel.

When you renovate your bathroom, you’re most likely looking to update your fixtures—and that includes the bathroom sink. There are plenty of details to consider while choosing a sink, such as the material, shape, and finish—which should complement your existing decor or the decor you plan on adding to the room when you redo it.

Many people love using stone countertops in their bathrooms because of the benefits they come with. They’re durable, they last for many years, and they’re hygienic too. Another great thing about stone countertops is the fact that they’re so versatile! They work well with almost any sink design.

We understand that choosing a sink that goes with your stone bathroom countertop can be overwhelming, which is why we put together this guide.

Choosing the Best Sink for Your Bathroom

Here are some details you should consider when you’re choosing the best sink to go with your stone bathroom countertop:

Sink bowl depth / faucet combination
For your stone countertop, you can choose a sink with either a shallow bowl or a deep one. It all depends on what you personally prefer—and the physical health of the people who will be using the sink. For example, if you live with someone who can’t do much leaning, you might want to err toward a shallower sink and one with a single handle.

Even the trendiest sink isn’t going to look right in your bathroom if it’s not the right size for your stone countertop. Whether your sink has a vanity or not, it must be placed in reach of the water supply connection, so it’s vital to map out where the sink will fit and how much room you have before you make a purchase.

Sink bowls
The number of bowls you choose depends on your preferences and the needs of your household. Some people prefer to have one large sink bowl, while others enjoy having their own personal sink. It also comes down to the size of your bathroom and how many sink bowls the space can accommodate.

Mount Installation for Your Bathroom Sink

After you’ve figured out those details, it’s time to figure out the mount type that you’re going for. There are a handful of mount types for bathroom sinks:

Under-mount sink
An under-mount sink is not always common, but it’s very stylish and looks great with a stone countertop. It’s secured beneath the countertop, which allows the stone to flow smoothly and without interruption. This type of sink also provides extra countertop space, and it’s extremely easy to clean! All you have to do is wipe the debris into the sink—and there will be nothing in your way to catch the crumbs.

Drop-in sinks
Drop-in sinks are known for their ease of installation. They have a sink lip resting on top of the countertop, with metal clips that offer added stability placed underneath.

Top-mount sink
A top-mount sink is easy to replace and has a finished edge that sits on top of the countertop. The only problem with this sink is that sometimes dirt and grime find ways to build up along its edges.

Apron-front sink
An apron-front sink protrudes from the countertop edges and looks great in a rustic, traditional home. If you’ve got a farmhouse design going, we recommend an apron-front sink.

Bathroom Sink Styles

Style is another important factor as you consider your bathroom sink. No matter your taste, you’ll surely find something that suits it. Choose between the following:

  • Traditional sinks—utilitarian and old-style architecture
  • Antique sinks—ornate or curved sinks that incorporate hand-etched decorative details
  • Modern sinks—smooth, rounded, straight edges cut into ovals or squares

Choosing Your Sink

With all of this information in mind, you can now choose the best type of sink to pair with your stone bathroom countertop. For more bathroom remodel advice, reach out to us at Bellezza Artisan Stone Surfaces today.


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